גן עדן Red stuff remembering us....what?

בס"ד גן עדן 53=גן גן=GENE DNA Earthquake 5.3 in Cyprus felt in North of Eretz Yisrael. Why o why? Think! Baruh Mordehai ha Yehudi.... Haman toppled within 24 hours of being 'elevated' – and God's salvation comes in the blink of an eye. ====

It"s a kind of magic (btv. Magic is forbiden by Halacha)

Image Bs"d Gog and Magog Leader and nation who will battle Jews before the coming of the Messiah. Heka  is the god of magic and medicine in ancient Egypt and is also the personification of magic itself. He is probably the most important god in Egyptian mythology but is often overlooked because his presence was so pervasive as to make him almost invisible to the Egyptologists of the 19th and 20th centuries CE.

The hidden vav

Image Rav's words that is printed and distributed every week, for Vayera 5781. A) New Message: The women should say Megillat Esther every motzae shabbat, from the 1st of Shevat until Purim. This will be considered as [the same as reciting] 14 Tikkun Haklalis, each time that this is read.


Image שבט אחים ואחיות The month of song Because David sung the song Tehilim Prakim Nivharim Tof Miriam Shirat Dvora As yashir Moshe Ashira ashira.... Shvat Adar Nisan Ahhhh....Tikva! Shoshanat Yaacov... B Simcha All our mitzvot Baruh.... Mordehai Ha Yehudi Not yet there? Charbona and Hatah will tell to Hadassa when...Yosef ha Tzadik, the 11 Month of Shvat


Image Hopjesvla. שבת שירהה Od mead.

And in the end....

Bs"d Everyone will be Breslev. Lev Basar. Chashuv meod to think about.... In this time of plastic fantastic cyborgim!! Who have still a heart? If you are attacked by freak army of nano neuronim/technology or wi-fi moah predators of sitra achra.... Sabon kvisa ARIEL, soap for laundry, Metanol/etanol spraiyng around, and a small shelter/meshulash from 3platot of etz....yes trees are giving shelter=from wi-fi/5G attack against human brains=MOAH. There you can use the real weapon!! Your speech saying the 10 Tehilim Haprakim nivharim. Thanks to Rabbi Berland/Rabeinu Nachman ben Feige. And Rivka Levi.